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 Welcome to the website of the Virginia Numismatic Association. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating, encouraging and promoting interest in numismatics. VNA was founded in 1959 and has a membership of over 400 with 16 member clubs. We publish the quarterly journal, The Virginia Numismatist, and host an annual convention and coin show which includes exhibits, educational presentations, and youth activities.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information about VNA and its activities and other information of interest to the numismatic community. 



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Donald Thomas would like to share with members that he is willing to help them create on line sites or other assistance.  His email is printreaders@hotmail.com and his website is www.printreaders.info. This is just one example of how members are willing to help others who may be looking for assistance. 

Donald Thomas's  phone # is 757-593-1005.



Bourse Chair John Cunningham and VNA President Parry Bragg

officially open the2017 Convention


Don't forget to check us out at our sister site on Facebook. There are many pictures of the banquet and Mr. Burdette fo you to enjoy.


 Please follow this link for great new information on how we plan to make the Virginia Numismatist  and other important infomation available to you electronically.

by Vice President George Watson and Tom Kays






Spring 2019   President’s Message


The 61st Annual VNA Convention, Coin & Currency Show in September 2019 is fast approaching.  VNA Directors, Board Members, and many volunteers will strive to make this year's convention another good one.  The VNA Convention was criticized last year because attendance numbers were as usual, yet the number of dealers participating was much higher than in the past.  Hopefully to correct this imbalance and improve attendance, we doubled the amount spent for advertising this year, are advertising in major publications, and will advertise in conjunction with major coin shows.


I encourage VNA member clubs to make continual announcements about the VNA convention and urge club members to attend.  It might be beneficial to think about carpooling or renting a van to bring club members to the show, which increases cohesiveness in the club, and may allow some members to attend who would not normally be able to attend.


Numismatic speakers and educational exhibits are lined up for the 2019 Convention, but more are welcome!  We strongly encourage participation from youth exhibitors.  An excellent speaker, Roger Burdette will talk at the convention banquet on Saturday about, From Mine to Mint: American Coinage Operations and Technology 1833 to1937.  The banquet dinner menu is as we had last year.


We do need volunteers to help with hall setup on Thursday.  We need volunteers to spell reception desk watchers all during the show.  We need volunteers to help with Sunday breakdown and to assist dealers leave safely and efficiently.  All must remain vigilant.  If you see something ‘out of the norm’ please tell security staff immediately so we can prevent theft. 


The next VNA board meeting will start at 0730 on Sunday, July 28, 2019, in conjunction with the Annandale Coin Show at the NOVA campus on Little River Turnpike.  Be careful and thanks!


Parry Bragg – VNA President





So much exciting news regarding the next convention. 

Next year in 2020, the ANA will present a two day class entitled "Classic Fakes and Chinese counterfeit Coins". The cost for ANA and VNA members will be $250.00, for non ANA and VNA members the cost will be $350.00.  The instructor will be Brian Silliman, who has been deemed to be an excellent teacher in the past. We need to have 22 persons attending in order to hold the class. For $10.00 per year, or $25.00 for 3 years, you can become a VNA member and save $100.00 on the cost of the class.  PLease let a VNA Officer know if you would be interested in attending. The class will be held on Sept. 23rd and Sept 24th. The class will run from 9:00AM to approximately 5:00 PM. Sept. 24 is dealer set up day for next year's convention. 

This class has been held in the past and attendees have said they would attend the same class again . This is tremendous opportunity to learn about counterfeiting and we feel that you would enjoy it and benefit from the knowledge.

VNA Board Meeting

The next scheduled VNA Board Meeting will be held on Sunday morning, May 3rd, at 7:30 AM, in conjunction with the Richmond Spring Coin and Currency  Show, ACCA Shriners Temple, 1712 Belleview Ave, Richmond, VA, 23227. This meeting is open to all members and  visitors. The meeting will be held in the meeting room at the Weyers Cave Community Center.

Our goal is to get more people from the western part of the state involved with coin shows and all the activities that being a VNA member can offer. Please feel free to attend the Board Meeting and think about becoming a VNA member. 


There will be much more information posted as we get it collated from this past convention.PresIdent Parry Bragg feels that the convention was a success with a larger attendance than last year. 

We had 13 exhibits, 3 club displays and 1 youth display. This is outstanding and many thanks to Billy Hoovler and Moore Gouldman for all their efforts to encourage folks to exhibit.  See the 2019 Convention  page for complete details. Thanks  to Moore Gouldman for compiling this information. 

Parry wants to thank the Board Members, all who were running for reelection were reelected.

Parry also wants to especially thank the many volunteers: the front desk workers, the people who helped to set up and dismantle down the show, the food servers and all the many support people that it takes to have a convention this size. 


September 25-27, 2020

There will be much more information posted as we get it organized. The Youth Page has many pictures of both the Home Schoolers on Fiday ( 55 attendees !) and the Boy Scout Merit Badge Program on Saturday. 



At the 2020 show, there will be a Budget Section, with coins worth not more than $500.00. This will enable beginning collectors to be able to work on their collections with coins within their budget.

On the 2019 Convention Page, there is a link to Mr. Roger Burdette's power point presentation on his book From Mine to Mint. 



Pictured here is the winner of the 2019 Jack Hepler Award for Excellence in Numismatic Exhibits. The winner is Michael Shutterly with his exhibit Shining Lights in an Age of Darkness  This is only part of the exhibit.  More exhibits will be featured on the 2019 Convention Page as they become available.  Please check our pages to see what has been added





Following the success of the publication on Virginia tokens, the VNA is planning to produce a book on Virginia obsolete paper money. The book will cover all forms of paper money and related financial instruments used in the Commonwealth. Eric Schena will author the new work and is planning on covering the following types of notes:

State Treasury Notes
County & Municipal notes
Obsolete bank notes
Privately issued notes
Transportation notes (excluding coupons and similarly related tokens)
Panic & Depression Scrip
Advertising notes
Business school notes
Mining notes (excluding coupon books or similarly related tokens)

To make this project as comprehensive as possible, we need your help! We are looking for any notes that have not been catalogued in the 1991 Jones & Littlefield catalog or are unpublished in any similar works. One particular challenge will be scope of notes issued in what is now West Virginia. All pre-1863 notes will be included; however, because of the close relationship between the two states there is considerable cross-over appeal. Consequently, some of the later nineteenth century notes will be evaluated for inclusion, so unlisted WV should also be sent.  In addition, we will also need good color scans or photographs of notes to include. Illustration and contributor credit will be given where applicable. If you would like to assist in this project and contribute illustrations and listings, please contact Eric at eschena@hotmail.com for more details.







September 25-27, 2020



It is with great sadness that we tell you our fellow dealer and friend for many years, Bob Ayres, passed away yesterday, February 18th, No further details are known at this time. 

Please see the In Memorium page for details. 

President’s Message


At the VNA Convention on Sept. 23 - 24, 2020, the ANA offers a two-day class on Classic Fakes and Chinese Counterfeit Coins. The cost for ANA and VNA members is $250.00, but for non-ANA or VNA members, $350.00. Our instructor will be Brian Silliman, an excellent teacher in the past. We need to have 22 persons attending in order to hold the class. For $10.00 per year, or $25.00 for 3 years, you can become a VNA member and save $100.00 on the cost of the class. Please let a VNA Officer know if you would be interested in attending. The class will run from 9:00AM to approximately 5:00 PM.  Some VNA clubs sponsor members with stipends to help defray the cost of the class and some pay the whole tuition. If VNA clubs and members get behind this, we should be able to get enough members to make this class successful.


The next VNA Board Meeting open to all members and visitors will be held on Sunday, May 3rd, at 7:30 AM, in conjunction with the Richmond Spring Coin & Currency Show, ACCA Shriners Temple, 1712 Belleview Ave, Richmond, VA, 23227.


The VNA lost a considerable amount of money last year.  I do not want to repeat that loss this year, and for that reason we will be cutting back on some advertising.  The convention will be set up different this year with a small "Budget" section, which we hope will bring in more dealers, and some new ones.  The best part of the convention last year was the success of the educational lectures and the fantastic exhibit section.  I hope exhibits and lectures will be as good this year as last.  The VNA board is exploring a number of different things to make the VNA a more enjoyable experience and input from the members is always appreciated.


Lastly, and with much regret I must inform our members of the passing of Bob Ayers, a longtime VNA Director, owner of Bob’s Coins of Louisa, Virginia and a dear friend who will be greatly missed.  With further regret I must report the passing of Don Zauche, a likeable and loyal member of the VNA and avid coin dealer. My thoughts are with his wife Marcella.  Keep safe.  I hope to see many of you in the near future.


Parry Bragg - VNA President