09-25-2011 11
11-05-2011 9

05-19-2012 28
09-29-2012 19
11-03-2012 5

05-13-2013 3
09-28-2013 34
11-05-2013 0 << ZERO attendance. So no more Fall classes in Richmond

05-03-2014 5
09-27-2014 32

05-02-2015 18
09-26-2015 28

05-07-2016 27
09-24 2016 42

Totals 166 95 = 261

BSA Coin Collecting MERIT BADGE Award Record


Treasure hunt for all Youth

Scout working on the Treasure Hunt

Our VNA Youth education program


The VNA thanks the following donors {of coins, tokens, medals, currency, and collection supplies} to our ongoing youth educational program...    John Dorman  (VNA),  Rob Lehman (Reeded Edge), Harlan Loebman (VNA), Bill Scott (RCC),  Shellie Ridder (VNA), Stanley Doran (Great Falls), Rich Willingham (RACC), Ant Singer (Bowie, Md.), Don & Marcella Zauche (Westmnster, md.), David Ellison (VNA), Moore Gouldman (VNA), Parry Bragg (VNA),  and other donors who we may have omitted.


At this year's 2016 VNA Convention... we held 5 educational classes, ongoing youth treasure hunts, and a Boy Scout coin collecting merit badge certification program.  We had 62 homeschoolers attend classes, 169 youth participate in our Treasure Hunts.  Over 3,000 coins were given out; and 42 BSA merit badges were awarded.  


Over the past  6 years of our program the VNA has awarded 166 coin collecting merit badges.  Special thanks to Darrell Tyler for assisting with these BSA merit badge certification classes. 


Our young coin collectors were thrilled that Jeff Garrett, president of the ANA, participated in each of our youth educational programs and classes.


Examples of donations always needed for our VNA youth program:  Old Red Books, Whitman collection albums, foreign coins or currency, wheat and Indian pennies, V and Buffalo nickels,  wooden nickels , tokens, Mardi Gras doubloons, plastic magnifying glasses, coin tube holders, old coin publications, anything educational.  Thank you! 


John Philips

VNA Education Director


Promoting passion for coin collecting with our Virginia youth and their familiesDedicated to the enrichment of the numismatic hobby in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Scouts working on their Merit Badge

Will Cather, Eagle Scout, order of the Arrow, receives his award for his winning Youth Exhibit "Introduction to Large Cents."